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Palm River Blvd Median

Your donated funds will help us to improve the main media in coming into our community. We always need to add and replace shrubs and seasonal flowers for color. This median has come a long way over the years. It was very underdone for so long. It sure looks great now ! Keep it going !


Bridge Improvements

This project is know as the Palm River Bridge. It's located near the interaction of Viking Way. This was a forgotten overgrown spot that had so much potential. We added ornamental iron to this old structure to dress it up. And recently cleaned out the Palm trees and installed bromeliads for color. We even planted a Royal Poinciana tree on the SE side. This is a cute fishing spot. We would like to add a bench and install more plantings.


Ibis Way Landscape

This is another area that was forgotten and ignored. We started to add trees and bromilliads over past years to beautify this corner. We started beautifying this area in order to balance the beautification efforts through the community since residents use both entrance roads through Palm River. Recently we planted Royal Palms to close in the space more and slow down drivers. We are looking forward to doing so much more at this location.