Bobcat Warning


Palm River Residents,

Here’s another warning from a local resident about wildlife predators, this time a bobcat. Fortunately this one does not have a sad ending like the notice I sent you of the kitten. Palm River has a lot of shrubbery, some of it wilderness. That makes for pleasant living, but it can be dangerous for pets.

There is a lot of wildlife in various parts of Palm River. Bears move into the northeast corner and wander at least as far down as Golf View Boulevard. Coyotes have been reported in all of the heavily shrubbed areas. At least one panther was reported on the golf course. I occasionally see two large otters in my backyard near the pond. Note the JPG picture of the bobcat. Difficult to think of it as a predator; just a fairly big cat.

Palm River is not alone as a community for wild life predators. The comment I quoted recently about lost dogs being found but not lost cats was made by a person in the Pine Ridge community.

-Francis Hoy, PRHCA Communications > 598-9519