Sidewalks through Palm River


We have been working for several years to have the county install a sidewalk loop for the community. This loop as we designed it starts at the new Palm River Park along Piper Blvd and continue into the community on Cypress Way East all the way through to Horse Creek Estates which has sidewalks already. Then continue on Cypress Way West and onto Viking Way, finishing on Palm River Blvd and ending back at the Park. We also created in the plan a cut through loop onto Palm View Drive for shorter walks. This is the plan and our desire we suggested to the county.

As far as a time that this will be completed is unknown. However the county has completed the installation of the sidewalks on Cypress Way East from the Palm River Park to Eastwood. We don't have a specified plan or date of rest of the project at this point.

We are staying in communication with the county on this project and are hopeful it will continue soon. As to the finished design and placement of the next phase of the sidewalk project ..... Still unknown. We will, however, continue our efforts with the county to get this done!



Independence Day Tradition in Palm River

by Ken Oehler and Dianna Karakosta, Flag Project Coordinators
There are many ways to celebrate our national Independence Day. Fireworks, barbecues, speeches and parades help people commemorate the Fourth of July. Here in Palm River it has been our tradition for over 20 years to line the streets with American Flags. Annually over twenty volunteers, actually many more including whole families and even household pets place more than 2,000 of them. All eight of the Palm River Units participate and the contiguous communities of Falcon Ridge, Quail Crossing, Sawgrass, and Candlewood join us.

Our efforts have been quietly noticed and greatly appreciated by residents and visitors alike. We get many, many compliments from the community. When placing flags volunteers often have people come by and give a thumbs up or blow their horn in appreciation. And, recently, the Naples Daily News Supplement, “The Collier Citizen”, wrote a very nice article about our community and our tradition. Some of the photos included in this website were taken by writer/photographer Lance Shearer.

Right On, Palm River! You appreciate your Grand Old Flag and the Country that it represents and you show it. So in the spirit of this tradition in June 2015 we installed a 30' tall flagpole to display our glorious American Flag in the new Palm River Park. One of our dedicated residents and retired veteran, Howard Rutizer, understands flag protocol, and voluntarily lowers the flag to half-mast whenever it is appropriate. Thank you, Howard.

Christmas Decorations


Each year a group of volunteers get together and decorate our entrances and our signs. Last year we also decorated all the bridges throughout the village. The main entrance bridge, the old exit bridge, Palm River bridge and the railings at Ibis Way. This was a big undertaking for volunteers. We would love to do more each year. If you are interested in helping out installing or purchasing more decorations please contact Jim Hudson. We hope you like our work and as always have a wonderful Christmas Holiday.