Board Members

A team of dedicated volunteers. Here are the current board members. We all have full time lives, families, and businesses to manage. But one thing we all have in common is the love of our community and the passion to serve and improve it. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact one of us directly as it may pertain to our position. Fran Hoy is our Communications Director and can answer most questions quickly. We are always looking for people to join us in serving. If you have any interest in joining the board or simply volunteering on a project please let us know. This community has many caring volunteers that help us to get things done. Without them and our dedicated board we would not be able to achieve all that you see happening today.




After a 40+ year career in Human Resources and Labor Relations in the automobile, piston and jet aircraft engine industries, and the insurance industry, my wife, Jan Napolitano, and I retired and moved to Palm River (Horse Creek Estates) in 2007 from the Chicago area. We specifically did not want a gated community and love living here. Aside from being on the Palm River Homeowners Civic Association board for the last several years, I previously was on the original HOA board of Horse Creek, when it was turned over to the homeowners by the developer in 2010. I was elected to the Palm River HCA President position in 2017, when the then current president, David Alger, moved from Palm River and resigned from the board. I thoroughly enjoy being an active part of the community with a voice in making it a more beautiful neighborhood. Our goal is to make Palm River Estates the envy of Naples.

Jan and I both volunteer at PAWS Assistance Dogs on South Horseshoe Drive in Naples, with Jan training their Golden Retrievers that are given as Service Dogs to combat disabled veterans or disabled children. I do maintenance work for PAWS as needed and other volunteer activities. I am also on the board of the Acoustic Music Society which produces monthly bluegrass concerts at the Lee County Alliance for the Arts, on Sundays from September through May. I also volunteer with Quest for Education, and organization that assists high school students get into college. Additionally, I belong to the British Car Club of SW FL and to a British car restoration club in Bonita. We greatly enjoy activities with our 4 children and 6 grandchildren - 2 girls here in Naples, 2 boys in Vero Beach and 2 girls in Larchmont NY.


Jim Hudson

Chairman of Maintenance & Beautification Committee
Originally from Akron/Canton Ohio. Moved to Naples in 1978. Built a new home on the golf course in 1988 raised 4 children and have loved living here ever since. Became a board member in 2005 and took over as chairman of the maintenance and beautification . I handle all of the electrical and sprinkler systems.

Francis Hoy

Past President and Currently Communication Director
My wife, Louise, and I chose Palm River in 1988 primarily for the home we found on the north side of the village with an open view across a large pond. I love Palm River now for the people who live here and for the relaxed atmosphere. I became a board member in 2004 and was president of the board from 2006 to 2012 because I was asked to do it. Being a resident of a pleasant community like Palm River carries with it a duty to try to leave it a little better than you found it. My pleasure as a board member is in seeing people voluntarily supporting the community with pride and with a proper care of their property and their family activities with respect for their neighbors.

Glenn Stevens

As a former association executive officer I have had considerable experience in serving on various boards. Palm River's Board is unique in that it functions solely on a voluntary basis. Accordingly, this means that we must work diligently to achieve consensus on vital issues affecting our community and then communicate to residents our best thinking on how to make Palm River an attractive place to live. I believe I am the only seasonal member on the Board, but as a full-time taxpayer our Board must address issues throughout the year. My priorities: promoting safety on all of our roads; eliminating blighted properties that negatively impact the value of our respective investments; marketing Palm River as one of the best communities in the greater Naples area to invest in and enjoy outstanding living conditions.

Dianna Karakosta

My family and I moved to Palm River in 1996. One of the many reasons were the beautiful big lots and the well maintained public areas. I have been on the board and Treasurer for almost 10 years and I am very proud of the projects that the board has accomplished. The new entrance signs, landscaping and the Palm River Park help to make this community continue to be a "diamond in the rough"

Our Focus

  • Improved the Entrance Bridge with stone work and paint.
  • Improved the Palm River Bridge with ornamental iron and paint.
  • Painted the Exit Bridge.
  • Installed a dozen Royal Palms in the median.
  • Created a landscape area at Ibis Way Bridge.
  • Successfully kept a back entrance to Imperial CC from happening.
  • Installed new Palm River signs at both entrances.
  • Designed, raised money and contributed $40,000 to the county who provided the rest of the $300,000 and built the new Palm River Park.
  • Created landscape area around the Palm River Bridge.
  • Created a new landscape pocket on the NE Corner of the main entrance.
  • Installed a new flagpole at the Palm River Park
  • Hired a private accountant to manage dues and mailings


Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month from 6:30 pm to about 8:30pm. We currently meet at the Hoy Residence located at 587 Cypress Way E. We invite you to join us at any of these meetings as a guest. There is usually plenty of time to meet and greet each of us afterwards. During the summer we don't meet for the months of July and August.